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Baritone, Mark Reynolds, and CCM Legend, Jonathan David Brown, team up to present one of the most awesome CD's of Christian praise and worship that you will EVER experience. This beautiful 10 track CD, Yours Alone, represents a year of effort by Mark and Jonathan to produce a memoriable listening experience that will bring tears to your eyes and raise the hair on your arms as the spirit of Our Father flows though the music and words to bless you and your loved ones. Jonathan's arrangements and Mark's strong voice carry with each song, a conviction with it that will bless you beyond your wildest expectations. Each song was especially chosen for the CD's lineup to express Our Heavenly Father's UNCONDITIONAL Love, UNMERITED Mercy and AMAZING Grace. You will FEEL each of these as you listen. Not one song, but all of them are a soul rewarding experience. MAY YOU BE BLESSED!

The scheduled "official" release date was November 5th, 2006. ( E-mail us so we can have your address on record)

Due to license considerations, we are no longer giving away the Mp3's of this CD. We need to start recouping the cost of production and will now graciously ask for purchases of the CD at $12.00 each including shipping (Quantity discounts are available E-mail us!). We have posted abbreviated versions of the songs as samples, but not the complete songs. You can now purchase "I Will Follow Thee", "King of Zion, Judah's Lion" and "Is There Room?" for $12 each OR all three for $30 including shipping. Better yet, we can send you all FOUR CD's for only $40 including shipping!

We appreciate all of your support and comments from those who are blessed by our ministry of music. The tenth track, is a beautiful song written by Randall Terry called, "Don't Let Me Go". Randall is the founder of "Operation Rescue" which saved more unborn babies from abortion than you can ever imagine. And the cost was not a small one to do so. Randall wrote this to him recently... was a blessing to hear you singing "Don't Let Me Go".
God be with you.

Randall Terry (Operation Rescue)


5 out of 5 stars Great Music!
   Reviewer: Bill Burdick   
You need this CD. I don't know where Mark found these songs, but they need to be heard by all our brothers and sisters. They are not filled with fluff, but good Gospel messages -- words you need to hear. You can easily tell they are from the heart of a brother. The only reason it is a 5 star CD is because there is not another star available! Get the CD and prepare to be blessed.
5 out of 5 stars This album is a hands down 5!
   Reviewer: James E. Murphy   
This is one powerful album! Everything from the song selection to the vocal performance and the production combine to make this a great CD. Mark says in his notes that he set out to create an album that ministers to the hurting, and there is no doubt that he has accomplished that mission with this record. I do not believe I have ever heard an inspirational album that penetrates so deep into the soul to do its healing work. Hats off Mark! This album is a hands down 5!
5 out of 5 stars Inspiring; Grabs your heart!
   Reviewer: Sylvia Mason   
Wow!! The song Renew My Mind from the CD is absolutely gorgeous!! Sends chills up and down me!! Thanks for sharing. I just love this CD and it's wonderful selections and I am going to get a bunch of them for gifts!! The songs come across perfectly and grab one's heart!!! Blessings to you! Sylvia and family

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- December 28th 2006
Friend Of My Soul Sample Renew My Mind Sample Grace Like Rain Sample Blessed Be Your Name Sample I Don't Care Where You've Been Sleeping Sample Show Me The Way Sample Yours Alone TITLE SONG SAMPLE Write It On My Heart Sample Since I Met Him Sample Don't Let Me Go Sample
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Yours Alone will play completely.)

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Up until this latest recording, Mark was a proponent of the use of the Hebrew names for God (Yahweh) and Jesus (Yahshua) ministering his songs to those who felt that this was important. He always understood that God knows who He is and that whatever name you choose to use to communicate with Him, He will acknowledge. All past recorded songs that use the "Hebrew Names" are marked with * while songs marked with n/a have no names mentioned.

Past Recordings:

This is now available on CD for $12 including shipping.

Track 1- "Down The Brae" Instrumental
Track 2- "Glory To His Name" *
Track 3- "What Have We Done?" *
Track 4- "Will We Deny Him?"
Track 5- "Walkin' Sinai" *
Track 6- "Is There Room?"
Track 7- "Israel & Zion" *
Track 8- "Brother Of The Son"
Track 9- "Israel's Poem" *
Track 10- "Just Any Day Now" *
Track 11- "Fathers" *
Track 12- "I Saw The Light" *
Track 13- "When The Spirit Of Yahweh" *

This is now available on CD for $12 including shipping.

Track 1- "Enter The King" Instrumental
Track 2- "King Of Zion, Judah's Lion"*
Track 3- "Judah Shall Prevail" n/a
Track 4- "When The Saint's Come Marching In" *
Track 5- "Every Thing Shall Live" *
Track 6- "On Day At A Time"*
Track 7- "I Am Free" *
Track 8- "Victory Hoe Down" Instrumental
Track 9- "Power In The Blood" *
Track 10- "River Of Life" *
Track 11- "Wedding Banquet"
Track 12- "Shine His Light" *
Track 13- "Yahweh Reigns" *

This is now available on CD for $12 including shipping.

Track 1- "I Will Bless Them That Bless Thee" *
Track 2- "I Will Follow Thee" *
Track 3- "Sing Unto Zion" *
Track 4- "As The Deer Medley"
Track 5- "Ezekiel 38" *
Track 6- "Awake O' Israel" *
Track 7- "I Love The Way My Beloved" n/a
Track 8- "Are You Washed In The Blood" *
Track 9- "Come Let Us Go Up To The Mountain Of Yahweh" *
Track 10- "Yah Prepare Me" *
Track 11- "I Will Sing Unto Yahweh" *
Track 12- "Create In Me A Clean Heart" *
Track 13- "Judah's Praise" Instrumental
Track 14- "Scotland The Brave" n/a

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